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Jones & Jones has a 95 year heritage.  We are familiar with all aspects of commercial development and institutional capital improvements. .  We are a resource from which clients benefit tremendously.


Presence of Principals

The owners and principals of Jones & Jones attend numerous planning and construction meetings.  During construction they visit jobsites frequently, and are easily accessible for meetings with clients. They are in constant communication with the project managers, superintendents, and foremen.  They become personally involved in all projects.


Strong Architect and Consultant Relations

The principals of Jones & Jones are well known to US architects and engineering consultants as leaders in the industry.  Jones & Jones is able to call on leading architects and consultants to engage them on behalf of our clients.


Strong Subcontractor Relations

The owners of Jones & Jones personally know most responsive subcontractor executives.  If they do not know them, they meet them.  Subcontractors know what performance levels are expected of them.  Jones & Jones issues construction contracts that require the best performance of the subcontractors.


Development Experience

The principals of Jones & Jones know what is important to institutions and property owners because the Joneses have been developers and landlords of projects such as office buildings, healthcare facilities and distribution facilities.


Strength and Depth of Personnel

Jones & Jones attracts the best people through its high standards of professionalism, integrity, technical competency and performance.


Preconstruction Planning Expertise

Due to positive feedback we receive from clients, architects and consultants, we know we rank as top experts at preconstruction planning.  We are able to provide an extra level of systems analysis, e.g., structural, facade, mechanical, electrical, to help the client and architect make correct decisions.


Expert at Constructability Reviews

We provide detailed Constructability Reviews.  We provide redlined design documents to the architect with each and every disparity and omission in the plans tabulated and cross-referenced in a spreadsheet.  We follow-up to ensure our Constructability Review is captured by the architect in the final set of plans issued for construction.  This saves our clients time and money in construction because subcontractor RFI’s and requests for change orders are vastly diminished.  Most if not all other contractors do not provide this service.


Many contractors suggest that BIM (Building Information Modelling) replaces the Constructability Review.  This is untrue.  BIM clash reports do identify conflicts between trades during the submittal process.  But BIM occurs after subcontracts have been awarded their subcontracts, after they have bid the job on unreviewed drawings; therefore RFI’s and change orders are not mitigated by BIM.  Our Constructability Review is performed before the trades are bid.


Expert at Code Compliance

We identify code compliance issues in design documents.  Many contractors intentionally avoid this task out of concern for design liability.


Expert at Design Document Coordination

A by-product of our Constructability Review is thorough document coordination between the design disciplines, vis-à-vis architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, interior drawings, etc.  Many contractors avoid this task out of concern for liability or out of lack of interest.  We are most interested to reduce RFI’s, change orders and loss of productivity.


Accuracy of Conceptual/Schematic Construction Budgets

We have a realistic approach toward budgeting that encompasses design intent so that our early budgets are accurate vis-à-vis the final project cost.  We can foresee details of design before they are drawn enabling us to predict costs accurately.


Self Performance

Our experience in self-performing trades such as concrete work gives us an advantage as project managers.  The level of construction knowledge and the requisite coordination and control gives us a perfect ability to predict subcontractor issues and to prevent construction problems before they occur.


If heated market conditions cause trade pricing to be higher than expected, placing our client at a disadvantage, we are able to self-perform certain trades and control costs, keeping costs in line with prior market conditions.


Hands-On Experience with Construction Safety

We understand how to keep jobsites safe.  Safety translates into productivity and faster job schedules for the client.  It also means crisis management and the attention of the press can be avoided.


Experienced at BIM

We have used BIM on substantial, complex projects such as high-rise office buildings as well as Type V low-rise projects.  We enjoy providing the service to further coordinate the drawings during the construction process.


Expert in LEED and BREEAM Initiatives

We have achieved Gold Level as well as other levels of USGBC standards.  We understand the discipline necessary to plan and implement high levels of sustainable performance in a facility.  Additionally, we are playing a lead role in introducing BREEAM on a major project in the USA.  BREEAM is an international cost-effective means of bringing sustainable value to development.


BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) first published by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in 1990, is the world’s longest established method of assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of buildings.  BREEAM relies on more consistent and methodical documentation than LEED.

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