Project Management / Construction Management

As Agent of the Owner, Jones & Jones provides services during planning and design, as well as during and after construction, to effectuate “best ever” project delivery.  These services include, broadly:


  • Concept Phase planning
  • Consultant contract and procedural manual development
  • Design deliverables criteria
  • Appointment and management of design professionals and other consultants
  • Master Schedule preparation
  • Phasing studies
  • Feasibility Phase planning
  • Building systems evaluation and recommendations
  • Utilities review and evaluation
  • Coordination with political and governmental authorities
  • Advise on agency review process
  • Management of Schematic Design Phase, Design Development Phase and Construction Documentation Phases of design
  • Project Budgeting in all phases of design from Concept Phase to CD Phase
  • Value Analysis, Cost Engineering and Value Engineering
  • Constructability Review and design coordination review
  • Recommendations on peer review of design
  • Procurement strategy development
  • LEED and USGBC achievement strategies
  • Fixtures, furnishings and equipment (“FF&E”) procurement planning
  • Construction contract development
  • Pre-qualification of general contractors and other vendors
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantity and bidding documents
  • Bid evaluation and recommendations
  • General contractor and vendor selection
  • BIM implementation
  • Purchasing of testing and inspection services



  • Construction management
  • Establishment of CM IT system
  • Contract administration of consultants during construction
  • Contract administration of general contractors during construction
  • Field coordination of independent contractors
  • Construction network scheduling
  • Evaluation of general contractors’ network schedules
  • Cost control and reporting
  • Financial accounting and control
  • Analysis of change orders and management of the change order process
  • Claims avoidance
  • Negotiation of change orders
  • Management of Quality Assurance and Quality Control



  • Facility start-up
  • Facility commissioning
  • Dispute resolution
  • Claims mitigation
  • Coordination of FF&E suppliers and deliveries
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