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Kevin Jones

Kevin is the current head of the Jones family construction legacy. With 44 years of industry experience combined with his inherited knowledge Kevin is able to supply his clients with a wealth of wisdom with regard to quality construction.

Cameron Jones
Project Manager

Cameron has an aptitude for working with clients and subcontractors. He works with the attitude that the best projects occur when the client, contractor, and subcontractor view themselves as part of a team. This attitude enables him to keep his projects on time and on budget.

Matthew Grimm
Project Manager

Matthew is the lead team member of the Jones & Jones Arizona office. He holds a BS in civil engineering (University of Kansas). He has worked in many market sectors including Oil & Gas, Transportation, and Commercial Buildings. Matthew has an aptitude for creating order out of chaotic, disorganized information and spaces. This makes him an ideal candidate for complex projects requiring careful attention to detail.

Project Engineer

Peter has experience working on various projects at LAX including the new Terminal 4 Customs and Border Protection, T4/T5 RIDS replacement (AVDGS) and T4 Motor Generator upgrade. He has a unique ability to resolve issues on the fly and get to the root of the problem post haste. It is this quality that assists in team collaboration and job fluidity and is most appreciated by the clients, design team, and subcontractors.

Alan Wright

Alan specializes in field leadership and efficiency. He brings 40 + years of construction experience resulting is his ability to quickly adapt to new and changing conditions. Alan has expertise in building demolition, new construction, and renovations. This experience enables him to manage multiple subcontractors to work as a team while keeping with in the requirements of budget, schedule and safety.

John V 5

John Venteicher has diverse expertise in construction with supervisory experience in hospitality, aviation, commercial, and custom home construction. He has the unique ability to identify issues before they arise and produce practical solutions while staying conscious of budget. John’s 40 years’ experience has produced a skilled journeyman craftsman, an excellent leader and a master problem solver. His recent accomplishments include the renovation of the Kalispell White Oaks Hotel, American Airlines Terminal 4 Gate Enhancements Project, and the structure and interior improvements of an enclosed equestrian center. John Venteicher’s unique abilities in construction help to finish projects of highest quality on time and within budget.

Kevin Jones is an excellent CM, and I would highly recommend him and Jones & Jones for high-level jobs with high-level expectations."

Martin Hartmann
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